Friday, 30 August 2013

Alcohols and games, Tomorrow (today, work sucks)

I forgot to say, I'm playing a Tournament at my good friends place (the guy with all the Ret) Today. The thing is that there will be (almost compulsory) Alcohol consumed. The aim is to get ridiculous, play some fun games and try and win, or lose, or not give a fuck... Winning. I will be running an eMorghoul list and a Xerxis list, eMorghoul is a thing, SHUT YOUR PIG MOUTH! The (not final) lists are as follows...

        -Aptimus Marketh
        -Molik Karn
        -Titan Gladiator
Mortitheurge Willbreaker
Extoiler Soulward
Paingiver Task Master
Min Paingiver Beast Handlers
Max Gatorman Posse
Max Nihilators

Essentially I'm tossing up whether or not i drop the Nihilators and the Soulward for a Bronzeback, i hear they're good, otherwise it isn't a GREAT list, but it's eMorgs, what'd you expect?

Xerxis (Tier 2, discount Cataphract Units)
         -Titan Sentry
Max Cataphract Cetrati
Max Cataphract Arcuarii
Max Cataphract Incindiarii
Min Paingiver Beast Handlers
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer
Min Venator Slingers

In this one, there could be a bronzeback, maybe even should be... hmmmm. The main issue is, I really want all these cataphract, they all server separate goals, Cetrati Die/live (depending on their mood), Arcuarii hit shit like what brick shit houses want to hit shit like, and incindiarii burninate all the peasants (and Eirys, always Eirys). The sentry could go, aswell as the slingers, and then take a catapult. This could be interesting, all the armour crack in the world, with incindiarii as back up... hmmmmmm, ill decide in a few hours.

I may, or may not take pictures. I also may or may not be too drunk to function, we'll see. Love you.

Round Zwei!

As i said last night, i am here to finish the Australian mission. I have a couple of games which were at a 25 point level. Quick easy games, the guys that i was playing against were relatively new to the game (quite new infact, considering i've been around since the release of Hordes), both were quite fun. Involving derps from your's truly. I had my first impression of Convergeance of Cyris, and i must say i am thoroughly unimpressed. At least by the Battlebox, that 'caster, and those 'jacks? who the hell thought that was a good idea? I completely brutalised his entire army except for a single eye bot and his 'caster, which just won on scenario. However I have seen some of the rules for the other guys in the faction, and the Synergies you can get from them seem really fun.

Game 1:

Master Tormentor Morghoul
-Cyclops Savage
-Cyclops Savage
-Titan Gladiator

Min Paingiver Beast Handlers

Ltd. Alistair Caine

Please note that the left savage is my converted Raider from one of the battlebox Savages. Also the core of our lists were set, we had very little customization available to us. I had the battle box +4 pts, or i could use Xerxis with both basilisks, no brainer there! He was limited to battle box, or Caine with defender+Hammersmith.

Round 1- Run Run, Erry'body Run. Glads got Admonition. I think the charger got Snipe, all his stuff moved up and took its shots, dealing modest damage, not enough to hurt too much though. BLogger won't let me rotate it to its' proper angle, it is being mean, and i apologise.

Round 2- (Expertly draw lines) The Savages were both abused, enraged and one was rushed. These two badasses charged up and ruined the days of the hammersmith and the charger. Taking off the charger's gun/movement/cortex, and the 'smith's movement and cortex. Mister Wah Wah went up and said NO FOCUS (in vain). Now my clever little opponent moved Caine up and unloaded his fuselage into Morghoul, however Cover saved my tiny Skorne Hiney and signed Caine's Death Certificate.

Round 3- Mister GLadiator was enraged and slammed a paingiver into Caine, dealing bulk damage. Then the right most Savage went nuts and tore off the Hammersmith's arms, Alowing the other savage to disengage and decapitate the poor Cygnaran. Sad face for Caine, Nervous laughter for Morghoul.

Game 2- This game comes after an intro game i had with a new Menoth player, i was trying to show him all the cool stuff that can happen as opposed to 40K, unfortunately that lead me to slam a heavy over the top of Kreoss, meany. ANY WAYS, this game is my one with the CoC. Dissapointing that i just let him have it, but them's the breaks.
Round 1- You can see what i do here(red), and what i should do (purple), and the wanker (yellow) who cause my loss, what a dick!
Round 2- Sorry a bit Blurry, Savage number one went up and severly chopped stuff, and as he went first there were little repercussions.. yet.

 Round 3- Punch Punch, i take some zones, wreck all his stuff, but because i feared his boss (i really shouldn't have) i didnt control the middle flag with my caster (it was a weird scenario where all the flags stayed, and your caster counted as a scoring/contesting model, but no domination), the writting was on the wall here lads. I lost on scenario from silly eye bots, because of stupid hubris and wanting to kill as many robot people as possible. WHAT EVER MAAAAAN.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Games, yes i still play. No i don't hate the internet.

Hey there,

I HAVE been playing quite a few games and i have taken a few happy snaps. However me being an excitable 12 year old (at least in maturity) i rarely take pictures at the end of everyturn. Too distracted by the burning and dying mans all over the board, also it was great to see my mates across the pond, and catch up with the guys at the Geelong Gamers Guild. If you are in that neck of the woods they meet on Mondays in the Guide hall on Myers street (the CBD), good friendly bunch, and they're recently very keen on Wamahordes!

The Games- So i got 3 in on the Sunday against my good buddy who lives up in Melbourne, he plays Menoth and Circle and is a little out of practice as he does Uni or some other silly thing like that. And i think i got a further 3 in on the Monday at the Guild (as above), of which i have images from 2 of them, also they are only at the 15 point level due to their Journeyman league (i was an 'honorary' journeyman). Also the game with my buddy was on a whiteboard, so our terrain is drawn on, and the lighting wasn't great, so i will attempt to use my words and spin a tale.

First Game- This one was eSexy vs eSeverius!
My List was my standars Sexy mammoth list

E Hexeris
          -Cyclops Raider
          -Basilisk Krea
          -Cyclops Shaman (maybe not so standard)
          -Titan Gladiator
Max Praetorian Swordsmen + UA
Min Paingiver Beast Handlers
Mortitheurge Willbreaker

His was (to the best of my ability)

E Severius
Max Temple Flame Guard + UA
Max Choir of Menoth
Knights Exemplar
Exemplar Seneschal
Rupert, FUCKING, Carvolo Esq IV (almost as bad as Mage Hunter Assassins, almost)

Turn 1- (this game has pics at the end of every round)

Standard first round, stuff ran, his TFG got all the Defence, swordsmen for Ashen Veil in answer, Krea Animus'd, and most other stuff ran. He may have cast more Menoth Horse-shit, but it wasn't too important (i think he sang for no shooting).

Round 2- My Swordsmen  run/charged and nomnom'd some TFG which was nice/lucky, the mammoth was sniped by the raider who shot something and failed (i think). the Mammoth walked up and removed some knights and TFG. At this stage i was just jostling to bully him out of the zones, alowing me to have a strong position in the middle of the board with Hexeris. I knew my assassination threat was much more scary than his. The shaman moved up and put soe damage onto his Seneschal. Gladiator moved up for some slamming/charging goodness. His stuff all went batshit and broke my stuff, guns fired, shamans got bruised (but lived YAY) and swordsmen got impaled (it's their job).

Round 3- Game over! (i think i've been typing it wrong, and im too lazy to redo it, he went first) His stuff came up and attacked all my things, tried to jam as much stuff as possible, and tried to shoots my suport off the board. Unfortunately, my lovely little Arc Node in the krea was alive and well, and my feat was intact, you can guess what unfolds here. First up, Mammy charged up and removed bulk knights from interferring with my poor bling basilisk, the little guy moved up to try and shoot the old man, missed (sadface). BUT hero Hexy charged a lonely knight in the middle of the field, putting the basilisk into arcing range. I Arc 3 Hellfires (missing one) to kill him, I stand by the eSexy spell assassinations, they are always a threat, very fun game though, especially since i left his jacks largely alone. Their ability to wholesale fuck up my mammoth was a little too scary.

Game 2- this may be a long post.

           -Molik Karn
           -Titan Bronzeback
           -Titan Gladiator
           -Basilisk Krea
           -Aptimus Marketh
Min Paingiver Beast Handlers
Max Cataphract Incindiarii
Mortitheurge Willbreaker

e Kreoss (I'm Pretty sure)
           -Sanctifier (this what it's called?)
Paladin of the Order of the Wall  (all the words)
Max Choir
Max Cinerators (he knows)
Knights Exemplar
Exemplar Seneschal
Rupert Carvolo....

(sorry its sideways)
Stuff ran, Vortex, cloud. his stuff ran choir said "i do nothing"

Round 2- jostling, Running. He has made his scenarios position much better. We're playing an oldie, the one with the zone (expertly circular) and a flag. Commander Aggy taking the lead, what a good person i am!

Round 3- I take the field aggressively... ish. Aggy trundles up and cries at his 'jacks. NO FOCUS FOR YOU! Incindiarii start lighting fires, burning 'jacks and Choir. Bronzey got all Ornery and punched some cinerators ALMOST broke a jack, punched some exemplar, not the greatest move, but really fucked with his orders of activations, and forced an early Kreoss activation/feat.

404- File not found. Sorry guys missing his turn here. Basically what happened was, the devout charged the Incindiarii right next to Molik, Smacked it (with choir punching song), killed it, side stepped into Molik, and severely hurt him (man Menoth 'jacks hurt!) He spent ALOT to kill the Bronzeback, resulting in Kreoss saying, "Menoth DAMN IT! you guys can't do shit without me!" he swings and murderlates the Bronzeback. HE sends some exemplar and choir up in an awkward position, UNFORTUNATELY clumping them. The cinerators form up behind the wall. This leads to my turn, when Molik gets his own back and bum sexes the Devout, Mister Pillos Pants moves forward and does a lovely Eliminator to put Makeda into range of Kreoss...

 Then this lovely scenario plays out, as Makeda Decapitates the poor Menite with 2 swings (the spine was very thick). Still loving Makeda and Pillow Pants, such a lovely combo.

I have 1 more game with my mate to report, but i really should do some work today... I will DEFINITELY post it, plus more tomorrow! I PWOMISE

Friday, 9 August 2013

No, I have not thrown in the Tortilla!

Hey doods!

No i have not forgotten you, just having issues emailing my photos through to my work email, i have played some games, but real life is getting in the way of robot and elephants playtime. I lost those games anyways, so no real loss!

Anyway this weekend im travelling back to the land of AUS to tackle a childhood friends stuff, and maybe get some games with some of his mates as well, i should at least get a game with a menoth or circle player (yay Variety), but i know that legion, cryx and Khador may also be present. Then on Monday i might get some games in in my home town of Geelong, the guys there are playing a journeyman league so i may play at their points level (15 points) or convince one of them to play up at 50. I know that they have alot of people just starting the game in the league, so i think it would be quite exciting for them to see a mammoth punch stuff till it's all dead!

I still love you!

WEEEEELLLLL, while I'm here i may as well do a tactica, but who to publish. Who. To. Publish...

XERXIS! (Yes, his names has an 'I', not an 'E', he is not Persian, he's Skornate (Skornish?))

Now here we have the hero of the Skorne, the full embodiment of what it is to be a Desert, vampire, Persian come Samurai, evil elf from the East! He is a beast, and can be extremely fun to play. Unfortunately i do not feel that he is the most competitive of 'Locks. He seems to be a one trick pony that is very easy to flank or beat.


Spd- a Little Low - 5
Str- a Little High - 8
Mat- High Again - 8
Rat- Fuck Off
Def- a Little Low - 13
Arm- A Little High - 18
Cmd- Low for who he is - 9
Fury- Hideously low - 5

The Outstanding parts here are the low fury and Def, He will have problems staying on the board even with his high Arm, being hit on average by MAT 6? dayum, that aint good. Low speed means he won't be getting the drop on people (until you take his abilities into account) but his high Mat and offensive potential means he's taking chunks out of most things when he connects, and with Mat 8, he will.

Weapons- Pillars of Halaak - bits of masonary he tears out of Cygnaran castles before he assaults them...
P+S 14, with 2 attacks? yowza!


Battle Plans - same as a Tyrant Commander+ standard minus Reveille. Very handy being able to hand out pathfinder or +2" when advancing, keep in mind he can do these on himself.

Martial Dicipline- Bread and butter right here, his bitches can move/draw line of sight through other bitches (warrior models). This also applies to him REMEMBER THAT. this means his brick will be leap frogging. Incindiarii move fire, Cetratii move up and shield wall/charge through the incindiarii. Sex is on fire! (Note this is only in CMD, not Control)

Overtake- Now i have never used this before on him, i haven't seen the need. But could be situationally ungodly!

Combo Smite (* Action)- Generally wouldn't be using this as you probably want to just shatter anything you put infront of him, his P+S is high enough. But if there is a wall/beast behind what ever you're slamming this could be awesome for the P+S 20 (23 with fury) boosted (double boosted with feat, or triple with feat+self boost) damage roll on his target, and if it's a warnoun, then laugh all the way to the bank as they're knocked down and you wail on them with your stolen masonary!

Spells- Defender's Ward- best defensive upkeep in the game, never don't use it. on Cetrati it is obscene! On anything else it is amazing, just use it dammit!

Fury- very nice offensive buff, i don't see why something shouldn't always have this upkept.

Inhospitable Ground - Generally i would say this is a trap!

However it can be useful if you are in a decent position, and you arn't fighting against much ranged/magic. 3 Fury is just so expensive for Xerxis.

Feat - All the mans get an additional die on melee damage rolls! and +2 ARM when in B2B with another FF model. Brilliant feat both offensive and defensive. Don't be afraid to use this feat early, the defensive boost can be just as effective as the offensive. I often find that Skorne offence especially with Xerxis on the table, is already high enough. That's not to say don't charge stuff with your weapon masters with fury. I mean Pow 14/15's with 5 dice is pretty good... yeah it's pretty good.

Thoughts- Xerxis is wanting to play a brick, he isn't the fastest of guys around, but can bump it up to a respectable range, his Def is low so he wants screens/shield guards. But what he does for our already stellar troops is just awesome. Defenders ward is sexy, his feat is sexy, fury is sexy and Martial Dicipline is amazeballs! He is just survivable to be able to do some work himself, as long as you think you can close up the cetrati ranks around him to help save his life.

Obvious Synergies- Cataphracts, Cataphracts, Cataphracts! Cetrati are amazing with him, but you probably don't want Vorkesh just so you can chuck up Def Ward. Arcuarii benefit huge from fury/feat, their drag can level a light jack on feat/fury turn! Incindiarii help him thin out the high Def chaff that people like to bog his Cetrati brick with, BURN THEM! BURN THEM ALL!
You would probably consider taking him in Tier for the discount cataphract, very decent if restrictive, no krea or brute which are handy with him. Tiberion can make him very formidable being an immovable shield guard, plus hitting like a brick shit house! Bronzebacks for obvious reason, the will wreck a gargossal with little effort on feat turn. Paingivers for obvious reasons. The tyrant Commander + Standard is quite handy as it allows the rest of the army to keep up with the press forwarded cetrati shield wall, also Reveille is very nice. Remember Reveille works on beasts too! Sentries are good defensive beast, but they lack the Mat which is required for Xerxis, his army can already break the hardest of armours, and whether a pretty big storm, but locker is very nice. Orin Midwinter is another commendable addition, null magic is very nice for a brick. Hey YOU! YEAH YOU! NOT TELEKINESIS! back off Vorkesh, I've got this!

Final Thoughts- Very high defensive capabilities, very high Offensive capabilities. However! Xerxis tends to play a pretty tights brick, so his scenario play is a bit wanting. Also due to the tightness of his brick he is very laiable to be flanked. On the plus side he verily laughs at Haley double Stormwall/Bart Galleon, shooting? HA! it's like shooting 10 foot steel with a slingshot! Be careful of eGaspy's million banes as they WILL out damage you, Vyros will absolutely destroy you with his "I see through everything, tra la la la la!" Xerxis is a very strong Warlock, but not as competitive as i would hope, but quite easily one of the funnest, giggle with glee as you basic troops topple the biggest of enemies!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Work is dumb, Hexeris is not.

Well hello there again Interwebs!

Work is still fisting my with its' spikey fart-knuckled hours, the benfits of this line of work is that i am able to blog :D, but i can't play D:.


eHexy was my other new toy, and was my flavour of the month the months before i bought Mak3da! In MkI i adored pHexeris, MkII disillusioned me, but with the newness and shinyness of eHexeris my love has been rekindled! So same doodly-booby as before, no mathmachine, more theorymachine riddled with anecdotmachine, diddly. YAY!

First off I would like to say that i am completely unimpressed with the way that skorne fluff is painting its' characters. I saw absolutely no reason for eHex to go epic, no awesome story of him being a boss and goign through some transformation, i mean he killed Kallus, but not really and it's not like he had some revelation. He just "learned shit", and then got A2A... Bollocks! I also have gripes about Ma3da's ascention, nothing happened except she picked up a sword and two stone womenz decided to follow her... Double Bollocks. I mean Baldur died and was brought back by the devourer, that's cool!

His ascention asides, Hexeris is the most diabolical badass in the skorne, plotting and skrewing everyone over indescriminantly just to advance his own occult knowledge, and then he was like. "Hey, You know who has cool spells? MENOTH!" And so he turned into the double ended polearm weilding mortitheurge we all love, with FIRE!

Stats: Spd - normal 6
Mat- Normal Warlock 7
Rat- Who gives a rats anus
STR- Cataphract goodness 8
DEF- very respectable 15
ARM- More Respectable 16
CMD- Average 8
Fury- What we expect from hexy 7
Pretty decent, have no real complaints here... i mean his RAT could be better and all... decent defensive stats that we have come to expect from him, with strength for seasoning!

Gulgalta- Pow 6 P+S 14, good old Gulgalta, you sexy sexy stick of beating! now with added Thresher! but no beat back? nawwwww

Rules- Vampiric Harvest! well fuck my red-ringed asshole! this is Hexeris' Bread and godamned peanutbutter! healing doods for every dood you kill with ANY of your doods in this dood's control area! heebeejeebees thats sweet. DO NO forget this ability, i have, and paid for it. But also remember that Cryx thinks this ability is balls and so you get nothing from them...

Warbeast Bond- Arc node, he loses Soul Slave and gets this.... Thanks, i guess. why would i want to trade in infinite Arc Nodes, for one that can be scalpeled out? Oh well, it's still a nice little addition.


Arcane Reckoning- spells that miss target the targeter, this would be lovely if it came with a Def boost, but none of you doods really seem to be a good target for this spell, except warlocks which is a little more insurance for sure, makes opponents think twice before spell assassinating. Trouble justifying the upkeep cost when his other spells are better...

Ashen Veil- a Veil of Ash, not as good as Def Ward, but gets around arcane assassin, which is nice. but again Cryx thinks this spells is silly... Really nice on Praetorians/nihilators/Ferox, even good on casters/archidons. I don't see any reason why you shouldn't have this spell up on some Moderately DEF'd unit at all times. I have had immense success with it on my Nihilators, IMMENSE SUCCESS indeed.

Ashes to Ashes- Dust to Dust, hey Menoth, can i has your spell? thanks bai! nom nom nom, while not Hexeris' bread n butter, it is a very nice spell, costly but it can be very worth it, or it can turn around and say, "well now you're up shit creek!" However this can be rectified by simply applying it to the ass of one of your titans while they mosey through your enemy's infantry. potentially killing D6+1 (D6 if you target the titan) is sweeeeet, huge potential uses for this, I'm not going into them, too many!

Black Spot- On Paper this spell is what sex dreams are made of. in practice it can be a little lack lustre. This spell is very good in situations. -2 Def well ok then, thats nice, making an extra attack after killing ur initial, hot damn that's nice! clear synergies lie with praetorian swordsmen, potentially 4 attacks with insta gib and 2 side steps? Schmicko! The Mammoth can enjoy this with up to 7 attacks with its' gun(not sure if the ancillary gets the additional). nihilators enjoy the added MAT, but the extra attacks doesn't help them, they already have berserk, which is potentially better, it does however allow them to stop their onslaught from murdering their brothers. All in all a very good spell, but i very much enjoy using his Fury for other spells.

Hellfire- This is what his Feat was made for, warnouns beware, he can sling 4 hellfires at you, 2 of which are boosted, and with a Willbreaker and shaman this becomes very scary indeed. 4 POW 14's ERR MEH GEERRRRD, imagine using this with a throwaway ARC node like a Reptile Hound, possible turn 1 assassinations there! (Of course the shaman doesnt come into effect here)

Thoughts- very powerful Spell list, very powerful indeed. he has a lot of stuff he can be doing every turn. Whether removing bulk lower ARM models, chucking down some MAT buffs, making some of your guys that much harder to murder, or simply putting the Gulgalta to something Medium style!

Feat- Fury Reset, screw up your enemy's fury, take some souls, meh. It's a fury reset, and that's it. no one expects this spell assassination, can also be used defensively, but iwould advise against this. Overall a bit meh, but has won me more games than most feats, just makes me feel a bit bored.

Overall, This guy is scary, really scary. Like Scare you to poop ur pantaloons in a dark alley and then give you a colonic for you troubles, then let you on your merry way as you burn from all the FIRE THAT HE HAS LEARNED!

His obvious Synergies are at least one unit of Moderate-high DEF warriors (i prefer nihilators, but praetorians would work just as well, and arguably better) to benefit from black spot and Ashen Veil. The Mammoth or some canoneers (possibly) do well from the sheers volume of POW 15 shots that can be unloaded with him, of course then you'll be wanting a Raider and a Willbreaker (but lets be real, you want a willbreaker anyways). The willbreaker is a must, he is just sexy to give Hex that reroll on the spell assassination, throw in another for the ancillary on the mammoth and you have yourself a  party. The usual suspects are required, Krea, Beasthandlers agonizer for flavour why not take a gladiator. Heck even a Rhinodon can be of help here, benefitting from blackspot immensely! A Shaman will see good use with him for crafting talismans, or being the rush/snipe mang so Hexy can burninate the peasants with his spells. I do not see Marketh seeing much use with Hex, mostly because i run him with Mak3da, but also because getting 1 Hellfire off isn't such a massive help, the free upkeep is tasty but better on Mak3da. Hakaar would be funny, MAT 11 smashing with 4 attacks, delectable, but unneccessary. Rhadeim with Ashen Veil could be funny to watch your opponent scratch their heads at the DEF 16 steady ferox rider laugh and stab.

So i leave you with the image of Mr. Fires McStab with his friend Scared O'Troll, and hope you find this caster as fun as i have!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Thoughts and musings: Makeda and the Exalted Court

Well hey there.

I've been unable to play any games lately due to working from stupid O'clock til FML thirty. So i thought i would post some musings on my current flavour of the month, Mak3da, at the moment i am having a crush on this queen of the harpies. I think what i will do is structure it as being both tactica, theory and good synergies. I'm not going to bother putting much math to the whole thing, i find that on average i roll a little above average, which is always nice.

Here goes!

Since i have started to play our factions boss, i have been seeing a definite increase in the amount of times i win, but taht might be just because i am getting used to Ret. Now this is probably a coincidence but i feel like this is a sign that she is probably a good 'Lock, mind you not the best, but pretty darn good. Lets have a look at her stats, now I'm not sure if I'm allowed to state the stats exactly, but I'm goign to until i've been told off.

SPD- 6 - Pretty damned standard
STR- 7 - What you'd expect
MAT- 8 - Fabulous, what you want
RAT- 4 - Could be 0
DEF- 15 - Very nice considering...
ARM- 17 - holy shit balls good considering her rules.
CMD- 10 - Hey it's Makeda

Her Stats are very freking good, they allow her to play all the way up the field and live, and then bring down 6 tonnes of fury (pun intended) onto the heads of who ever gets in her way.

Warlock Unit- 2 shield guarding awesomesauce cronies!

Inspiration- It's Makeda

Battle Driven- this is the cherry +2 STR/ARM and pathfinder when a dude in her unit is hurt, with shield guard this can ensure that you are forcing your opponent to increase Makeda's armour before they even get to her! This is why you take her, it adds crazy survivability for her and her unit, it means that people who want to shoot her have to think twice. Any Retaliation after you've hurt her will result in the complete annhilation of everything your opponent puts infront of her, P+S 17, pathfinder? this brings her to beat stick par-excellence, not to mention higher armour than our cataphract boss.

Talon of Murzoul
Power + S - 15, holy shit balls good considering her rules
Blood boon, OMG considering all her spells are cost 3? WOW

Spell list-

Eliminator- a good spell, situationally brilliant, allowing her to move after she murders guys with it. Consider Charging something, killing it, then blood booning an eliminator onto some low ARM guys and retreating to safety. OR consider using Marketh to cast eliminator to push Makeda up the field (THIS MODEL may move 2") to open up a charge. I can't see a reason why Makeda would cast this spell using fury, it is simply too dear.

Ground Zero- Not quite as applicable as Eliminator, but could be funny to clear a zone then retreat back using sprint or fate walker. This spell is more likely (but only slightly) to be cast without using blood boon, but only to clear a zone, Or kill off huge clumps of dudes, POW 13's all round EAT IT Infantry.

Sunhammer- Not sure why this is even on her card, she has another Self upkeep that makes this seem pointless. Maybe if you're playing against a butt tonne of lights or they have alot of sidestep, as this triggers on those moves too. The annoying this is that it doesnt affect models with beatback/overtake as they do not advance MORE THAN 1". If you don't know which spell to cast, don't cast this one.

Vortex of Destruction- Cast first turn, and upkeep for the rest  of the game, there is almost NO reason not to. she doesnt even have to spend fury not to have a hand in the destruction of a gargossal. stand next to something, have a single swing for good measure, maybe fatewalker. Then even a rhinodon can one round a Huge base. But remember it's a BOOSTED damage roll, not additional die, so no rolling 4 dice on boost or charge (unless you're Molik Karn, or cataphract).

Feat: Dance of Death- when a model in Makeda's battlegroup kills something, give Makeda a fury or remove on from a warbeast in her battlegroup. I can see its' uses, bronzeback literally killing an entire shieldwall, Makeda killing stuff then haveing full transfers. This makes Molik look silly when he sidesteps into the enemy caster, he is not able to boost these attacks as he closes, and yet still have full fury available to him when he connects. A finesse feat, but not terribly effective, good not great.

The Exalted Court are high ARM/MAT dudettes with shieldguard and battledriven, these guys are here to provide battledriven for their boss, by all means sacrifice one, just try not to sacrifice both in the one turn... no call for that.

Obvious Synergies- She wants the 3 heavies, Bronzeback, Gladiator, Molik Karn, she also probably wants a krea (but who doesn't?). With the three heavies she is able to deliver Molik with rush/train wreck and her feat to ruin any unit's day with infinite attacks, or deliver the Bronzeback for the same sort of thing without wuite as much movement (and Molik gets to yo-yo back). Glads and Krea are there essentially as animus caddies. Molik can preform better with other 'locks i have to admit, but if you're running Mak3da, then you're likely to want to run her with an eHex list or Rasheth tier as your other list, and neither really want/need Molik.

Marketh- He is nice to cast eliminator and alow her to have a more insane threat, and upkeeping a spell using a soul is a boon for her. With the casters that i play (pMorghoul, eHexeris) i don't really need Marketh with them, a free abuse is nice, but not necessary, blackspot botting is nice but again not necessary. Marketh just seems to shine a little brighter with Makeda.

Swamp gobbers- added Def against shooting really makes her an unnatractive target, but don't rely on this.

Note- she doesn't have an affinity for any troop choice (except beast handlers, but you know...) and she cannot give any support to them (except fearless, but all our shit is fearless anyway). Incindiarii are spectacular on their own, so are Nihilators both are solid choices, i can imagine Ferox would work well, as would Cetratii with Vorkesh, i might try that next time. But there are no obvious requirements for a troops choice.

In closing,



A fantastic tranformation! I never really was taken by either of the Previous incarnations of Makeda, but this two handed sword wielding badass evil vampire samurai come Persian desert elf-offshoot, is one 'lock that i can't wait to play and play again! As of yet she is not the most powerful of our 'locks, i reserve that for eHexeris (my opinion, go away), and i don't play Zaal but apparently he's good. But with soem playtesting and some figuring out i hope that she will see some tournament play for me, because she is so much fun to play! Finally a 'lock that can sit on the front lines, and live on the front lines!

Friday, 26 July 2013

The Mexican Delicacies are getting old, but the games arn't!

Two more tasy morsels for you!

PLease by all means slag me off in comments, im a noob so i'm not even sure if it's on public, if it turns into another 4chan page i would consider myself a success, so let the flames war begin!

Rightio, first one i has for you is Xerxis brick formation vs a Garryth list, this is one of the more dissapointing games ive had... i lost where i simply should not have, i was in such a strong position and i just let it drop, I apologise for the first two images being cut in half but i think you get the drift. so here goes...

Xerxis- Pillar of society and all round nice guy (tier 1 or 2)
  • Bronzeback
  • Gladiator
  • Sentry
Max Cetrati
Max Incindiarii
Min Arcuarii
Min Beast Handlers
Tyrant Commander and Standard Bearer

Garryth- Wanker...
  • Phoenix
  • Sphinx (elara's)
Max Sentinels +UA (really good with mirage)
Mittens crew
Narn (bread)
Elara (newbie)
Wormgirl and wormyworm
 End of Round 1 - Set the brick and fill with mortar, this is where my first mistake was made. The Sentry was in the COMPLETE wrong position, he should have commited to either side, and not dilly-dallied in the middle. otherwise things ran up, Cetrati got Def Ward, Bronze got fury (not sure why). As you cannot see it in the picture, the incindiarii set up behind the cetratii, and they split their advance around the house in the middle (this was a very good move as it happens, Incindiarii do not need to clump).
 End of Skorne turn 2 - more advanceing into shield wall, Incindiarii lit things up including wormyworm, the objective, ended some sentinels and some mittens. My mistake was having to run the sentry over to the left, he should have been there to locker up and save the bronzeback from the sentinels (mirage and vengeance, all good things). The right flank seems to be progressing very well...
 End of Ret turn 2 - Sentinels charged and attempted murder, but failed wholesale, however they did put a chunk of damage on the bronzey and the sentry, nothing ol bronzey cannay clear up. The worm (hidden behind the house) burninated the three incindiarii on the left.the magister and the mittens crew killed one of the indindiarii on the right. At this stage i am feeling pretty good, really good actually.
 End of Skorne Turn 3 - Bronzey mops up, sentry finishes, Cetrati CAN'T charge cause of DAMNED WORMGIRL and her silly songs! Arcuarii do some stuff (not really any damage) Xerxis feats. this is my biggest flaw, i didnt commit to the right hand side, i needed to move xerxis right. I seem to have lost some of the photos, but basically what happens is my infantry finally begin to fall whole sale, even though i clearly have the lions share of board control and models, he has slipperness.

Essentially it ends with liberal application of garyth to Xerxis' face, but i had to attempt it to cease his victory by scenario. *sigh* i should have won, oh well he played very well from a backfooting, and i can't take that away from him, but i know for next time.

Game TWO!

Maka3da vs Rayvyn seems to be a fun little match up, he seems to think his eliminator/vortex of destruction girl is better than mine. We shall see...

Makaeda and the Exalted Court
  • Molik Karn
  • Bronzeback
  • Gladiator
  • Krea
  • Aptimus Marketh
Max Incindiarii
Min Beast Handlers
Mortitheurge Willbreaker
Swamp Gobbers

Rayvyn - Emo Elf of the Misty Vortexes
  • Hyperion
Arcantrik Force Generator
Invictors +UA
Mage Hunter Strike Force +UA

Here we go, elf bitch vs, ugly elf(ish) bitch-
End of Round 1 - Running, Vortex, krea aura and gobber smoke. Alot of the same for him, snipe on the Mage Hunters, Vortex up, running.
End of Skorne turn 2 -  Burnination of the ancient enemy commence! Molik murdered 2 and retreated (this image is before he retreats), incindiarii burninate quite a few, Makaeda's bodyguard moves up but doesn't attack (wups). smoke and mirrors are up. Babey titan stops focus for Hyp.

End of Round 3 - Stuff got lost here, but seemingly not alot happened, he shot the shit out of Molik but he remained standing, but then i went full retard and SCREWED MY ORDER OF ACTIVATIONS! I should have feated, but didn't, i should have rushed Molik, but didnt, I frogot to use my puppet master despite actually putting it on Molik. That whole turn was a big L2P for me! Hyperion did not alot due to Aggy. Molik did 5 pips short of decepitating Ravyn. *sigh*
End of Ret Turn 4(?) - Hyp moved up whiffed (aggy yay!) he pew pew'd Molik and some Incindiarii out of the zone, but didn't see the one on the hill contesting, chgucked up a Veil of Mists to block ravyn from Makaeda, I've just noticed that mr glads has been chasing butterflies at the back of the table all game... oh well. Smoke and Mirrors up again.

End of Skorne Tunr 5(?) - Bronzeback totals the Hyperion in one round (good puppy), Makaeda's Cronies mada a nuisance of themselves by tieing up the Arcantrik  Force dooby, and murdering two invictors. Gobbers counter Misted the Veil of mists, and Makaeda sat pretty.Burnination also occured, somewhere, but taht wasn't important.
End of Ze Game - Rayvyn charged the basilisk standing in the fog, threshered and hit the basilisk and one gobber, missing the other gobber and Makaeda. She then attempted to fill Makaeda with lead, and stab her in the chest, connecting a miserable twice which were promptly pawned off to mr lazy gladiator. Then Makaeda said, "Oh no you di'ent" and promptly slice rayvyn's pretty little ears off. NEW SLAVES FOR THE EMPIRE!

Thoughts, L2P, order of activations! Makaeda really should have rushed Molik, healed him and feated, instead the beasthandlers had to heal him instead of enraging, bloody waste of their time, but oh well, wins a win, and i don't think i played too bad really, infact i felt i played intelligently making proper use of aggy to essentially shut down Hyperion. Of Course Hyperion was unlucky not to hit Molik with any of his innitials, so hw had to divert something else to destroy him (ends up, it was an artificer, man those guys are mean)