Friday, 30 August 2013

Alcohols and games, Tomorrow (today, work sucks)

I forgot to say, I'm playing a Tournament at my good friends place (the guy with all the Ret) Today. The thing is that there will be (almost compulsory) Alcohol consumed. The aim is to get ridiculous, play some fun games and try and win, or lose, or not give a fuck... Winning. I will be running an eMorghoul list and a Xerxis list, eMorghoul is a thing, SHUT YOUR PIG MOUTH! The (not final) lists are as follows...

        -Aptimus Marketh
        -Molik Karn
        -Titan Gladiator
Mortitheurge Willbreaker
Extoiler Soulward
Paingiver Task Master
Min Paingiver Beast Handlers
Max Gatorman Posse
Max Nihilators

Essentially I'm tossing up whether or not i drop the Nihilators and the Soulward for a Bronzeback, i hear they're good, otherwise it isn't a GREAT list, but it's eMorgs, what'd you expect?

Xerxis (Tier 2, discount Cataphract Units)
         -Titan Sentry
Max Cataphract Cetrati
Max Cataphract Arcuarii
Max Cataphract Incindiarii
Min Paingiver Beast Handlers
Tyrant Commander & Standard Bearer
Min Venator Slingers

In this one, there could be a bronzeback, maybe even should be... hmmmm. The main issue is, I really want all these cataphract, they all server separate goals, Cetrati Die/live (depending on their mood), Arcuarii hit shit like what brick shit houses want to hit shit like, and incindiarii burninate all the peasants (and Eirys, always Eirys). The sentry could go, aswell as the slingers, and then take a catapult. This could be interesting, all the armour crack in the world, with incindiarii as back up... hmmmmmm, ill decide in a few hours.

I may, or may not take pictures. I also may or may not be too drunk to function, we'll see. Love you.

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